Inside the $25Bn Checkpoint Market: One Company Promises Price Disruption

If a PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor being developed by Checkpoint Therapeutics (CKPT) makes it to the finish line (interim data at last year’s ESMO has it neck-in-neck with Keytruda and Libtayo) it promises to disrupt pricing in a clubby $25 billion corner of a cancer therapy market now dominated by six drugs, each with an average cost of $165K a year. For quick adoption, CKPT may discount its entry up to 50 percent. CKPT’s lead indication is cSCC, a potentially lethal skin cancer, giving it direct aim at Regeneron/Sanofi’s Libtayo. Next up will be NSCLC, with direct aim at Libtayo and also Merck’s Keytruda, currently a $13 billion franchise. CKPT ended 1Q20 with $21.5 million in cash and cash equivalents. Next major milestone is expanded interim data in cSCC by year-end.

Condensed Overview

CEO James Oliviero briefly details a drug development program designed to disrupt pricing and diminish the dominance of key leaders in a $25 billion corner of the cancer  therapy market. 
(Approx. 8 minutes)

At A Glance


Add details of CKPT’s second lead program – this one is taking aim at AstraZeneca’s Tagrisso, a blockbuster lung cancer drug.

Benzinga Article


Checkpoint ‘In the News’

Corporate Presentation

Learn how checkpoint inhibitors work and why they are so popular; includes more detail from James on the company’s two lead programs. (Approx. 23 minutes)

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